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2023 05-25



Data source: According to the news of blockchain cryptocurrency express
The public beta of SHIBlUCK has been launched, and the official Twitter announced today that it will be officially launched on June 9, 2023.

Guide: SHIBLUCK is the standard currency of the pool protocol, a new application by the Shiba Inu independent community, and is currently operated by an independent community. The independent community has released the white paper V3 as the backbone of the project. Aim to build SHIB's withdrawal plan and cryptocurrency holdings.

The community and co-builders obtain Shib through the cryptocurrency exchange and Swap exchange, and transfer it to the wallet for pool pledge through Of course this requires an invite. ShibLuck pool protocol (aimed at Shib's zero-zero plan, increased liquidity, increased interaction with currency-holding addresses, ecological expansion, and the development of WEB3.0).

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